October 24, 2017

cheap beach resorts in chennai

Cottage & Suites

VGP offers tourists the most unique accommodation option in its distinguished aesthetic and functional set up. All of the cottages and suites at VGP are built at a raised level from the ground and which has resulted in great feedback from customers. Our choice of cottages and suites include the sea view cottage, the deluxe suite, and the luxury suite. Each one of these accommodation options has been built to complement the romantic beach making it a quaint lake resort apt for couples to spark their wonderful memories in matrimony. Each one of the self-contained luxury villas that have been designed is unmatched in creating an idyllic pasture for our customers, immaterial of age. With 16 breathtaking sea view cottages, 14 custom designed deluxe suites and 14 luxury suites we are capable of hosting a large number of customers in any given season and time. Plan your holiday and choose your preferred accommodation through your duration of stay after perusal of each one of the variants that we offer. Check our price for our beach resorts sea view, garden view, garden verandah room,
its one of the cheap beach resorts in chennai ecr road created to accommodate all people at their affordable price.
Our sea view room is the best place for you to relax and get the best view of bay of bengal when you are in really comfort zone. check it now!

Sea view room
Garden View Room
Garden Verandah Room

VGP Resort is located in the heart of Chennai ecr beach. A budget beach resort, boasting of 100+ rooms, offers a unique blend of budget & comfort. Book Now!