October 24, 2017

Beach Resorts in Chennai ECR Road

Garden Varendah Room

A 14 Breathtaking Cottages. Quick access to Beach are with in vicinity. You can get the best view of bay of bengal from our beach resort in ecr road Chennai.

Our luxury suites are a testament to the phrase, the best that money can buy. Carefully furnished and aesthetically enhanced, our luxury suites offer the best in terms of comfort and entertainment that one can look for in any beach resort. Every necessary amenity has been taken into consideration in consideration in designing these suites to ensure that your stay at the VGP beach resorts in chennai ecr road is ideal, and in keeping with your dream vacation. Our luxury suites and beach resorts are one of the best and top choices for couples looking to spend a romantic vacation to spark their newlywed life to a memorable and great start. Check Our Garden View Room. From years of planning, we have ensured through location, design and setting that these suites do not cater to just couples but to all types of customers who prefer beach resorts in chennai ecr road. In ensuring that these suites are set near the beach, our luxury suites offer the added benefit of immediate access to the sea thereby ensuring that children and even adults with that spark of youth are able to enjoy their time at the beach and beach resorts.

It’s the natural beauty, dazzling colors and of course fantastic VGP hospitality that brings people back to Goa year after year, and when combined with the extra special comfort of a stay at VGP Beach Resort, a truly memorable vacation is guaranteed.