October 24, 2017

Best Beach Resorts in Chennai ECR

Garden View Room

A 14 Breathtaking Best Green Garden Beach Resorts Suites and Cottages in Chennai ECR. Quick access to Beach is within the vicinity.

We ensure that your vacationing experience is the best you can get at the best price, through the selection of deluxe suites that we offer. We spare neither detail nor luxury when it comes to the design of these suites. With proper air-conditioned and aesthetically enhanced designs, these suites are a delight for those looking for a luxurious period of stay at VGP. Our carefully designed deluxe suites ensure optimal comfort and include facilities like unhindered Wi-Fi connectivity, room service, a television, telephones, coffee makers, and modern storage facilities for your luggage and clothing. The setting of these suites is such that the beach is but a stone’s throw, thereby ensuring immediate access to both children and adults. One of the best beach resorts in Chennai ECR available at your affordable price. In addition you will get lots of facilities and services from us, spa house , by the bay restaurant, In-room dining, outdoor sports and lot more at one of the best beach resort in ecr Chennai. Check our Garden Verandah Room.

A genuine pearl among the best beach resorts in Chennai ecr, VGP beach Resort has, achieved profitable place in a brief span traverse, end up noticeably a standout amongst the most prevalent beach resorts in chennai ecr area. Situated on one of the many staggering sandy beaches in Chennai