Cottage & Suites

VGP offers tourists the most unique accommodation option in its distinguished aesthetic and functional set up. All of the cottages and suites at VGP are built at a raised level from the ground, which has resulted in great feedback from customers.

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Our choice of cottages and suites includes the sea view cottage, the deluxe suite, and the luxury suite. Each one of these accommodation options has been built to complement the romantic beach, making it the go-to destination for those looking to get away from the concrete jungle. . Each one of the self-contained luxury villas that have been designed is unmatched in creating an idyllic haven for our customers, immaterial of age. With 16 breathtaking sea view cottages, 14 custom designed deluxe suites and 14 luxury suites, we are capable of hosting a large number of customers in any given season and time. Plan your holiday and choose your preferred accommodation.

Check out our wide range of options:

Sea View Room

Our sea view cottages and resorts are specially designed to offer an elevated and breath-taking view of the beach. Set closest to the beach, our sea view cottages offer easy access and a serene choice of accommodation.

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Our sea view cottages happen to be one of the best self-contained villa type accommodations that you’ll find in VGP and one of the best that one can opt for, at any place in ECR. Right from facilities to ensure extra accommodation, to in room service to cater to every need of yours, we ensure that your stay at our sea view cottages is the ideal getaway that you were looking for.

Take a look round our VGP resort site and if you still have questions or would like further information, call us (9677760997) or drop a message in our contact form and we will get back to you with all the answers.

Garden View Room

14 Breathtaking Green Garden Suites. Quick access to Beach is within the vicinity. We ensure that your vacationing experience is the best you can get at the best price, through the selection of deluxe suites that we offer.

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We spare neither detail nor luxury when it comes to the design of these suites. With proper air-conditioned and aesthetically enhanced designs, these suites are a delight for those looking for a luxurious period of stay at VGP. Our carefully designed deluxe suites ensure optimal comfort and include facilities like unhindered Wi-Fi connectivity, room service, a television, telephones, coffee makers, and modern storage facilities for your luggage and clothing.

The setting of these suites is such that the beach is but a stone’s throw away, thereby ensuring immediate access to both children and adults. In addition, you will get lots of facilities and services from us, such as a luxurious spa , By the Bay restaurant, in-room dining, outdoor sports and lots more, at one of the best beach resorts in ECR, Chennai.

Garden Varendah Room

14 breathtaking rooms. Our luxury suites are a testament to the phrase, "the best that money can buy." Carefully furnished and aesthetically enhanced, our luxury suites offer the best in terms of comfort and entertainment that one can look for in any beach resort.

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Every necessary amenity has been taken into consideration in designing these suites to ensure that your stay at the VGP beach resorts in Chennai ECR road is ideal, and in keeping with your dream vacation. Our luxury suites and beach resorts are one of the best and top choices for couples looking to spend a romantic vacation to spark their newlywed life to a memorable and great start.

From years of planning, we have ensured through location, design and setting that these suites do not cater to just couples but to all types of customers who prefer beach resorts in Chennai ECR road. In ensuring that these suites are set near the beach, our luxury suites offer the added benefit of immediate access to the sea, thereby ensuring that children and even adults with that spark of youth are able to enjoy their time at the beach.

It’s the natural beauty, dazzling colors and of course, fantastic VGP hospitality that brings people back year after year, and when combined with the extra special comfort of a stay at VGP Beach Resort, a truly memorable vacation is guaranteed.

Yurt cottages

If you’re in the mood to go camping, yet don’t want to sacrifice any of your accustomed comforts, then go glamping. The glamour and luxury of a hotel room, plus the feel of a Mongolian style tent.

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Our yurts are enclosed within their own jungle area, called Kalakkad. Each yurt has its own attached bathroom, air conditioning, water heater, TV and phone connection. And the crowning glory: a transparent dome on the top, through which you can see the moon and stars at night.