October 24, 2017

Events & Meeting

With extensive meeting and banquet facilities, the resort accommodates every type of event from small business meetings to large gatherings.

VGP Golden Beach Resort is apt for high-powered meetings and high society soirees.VGP has been one of the choice spots for innumerable corporate events and meetings which is a result of our extensive and facilities designed to cater to the needs of professionals from different industries. Our resources and set-ups are designed to accommodate events of all magnitudes. Our facilities have seen several gatherings and have been designed to host high-powered meetings and high society soirees where class, etiquette and culture remain unblemished and carefully entwined with nature and relaxation. The sophistication, elegance, and luxury that our resort offers is unmatched. Besides, our executive clubs offer special amenities to our prestige customers. Meetings apart, the when it come to celebrating and taking time off with different events, our facilities offers you the choice of indulging yourself in relaxing activities. Swim, laze around, take that nap on a hammock between the palm trees you’ve always dreamed about, or spend your day on our private beach collecting shells.