Swimming Pool

Our beach resort is host to a picturesque swimming pool that has been designed to cater to both children and adults. The state of the art design ensures that you enjoy a relaxing and calm swim while enjoying the beautiful view of the sands and the calm waves of the ocean.

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Perfect maintenance and the carefully designed structure of our swimming pools ensure that you rate it amongst one of the best you’ve visited. Complete with floating accessories, pool balls and other such amenities, our swimming pool is open to our in-house guests free of cost.

Dirt Kart

Dirt Kart racing is available as part of our corporate packages as well as separately. If you have the inclination, we have all the space you need.

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Sports Complex

The state-of-the-art sports complex at VGP is host to several indoor game facilities that has proven to be quite popular amongst guests. Our complex offers facilities and equipment for table tennis, chess and carrom.

  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Carom etc..

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Built to host both individuals, families and even small teams, our sports complex is generally abuzz with enthusiasts keen to spend part of their vacationing engaged in their favorite game or having a fun time with their spouse trying their hands at some new game or the other.

Children Playarea

In ensuring that our resort caters to both adults and kids in their holidaying and fun, we have a children's play area that is complete with play equipment and toys to keep your children occupied and having a great time while you lounge by our lawns or revel in their merriment.

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Camp Fire

The roar of a fire by the beach side has always been part of the bucket-list experiences for several vacationers and VGP Golden Beach Resort ensures that you get to tick that one off of your list. Our unique location and set-up ensure that your campfire experience is one that is close enough to compare to the idyllic movie depictions.

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Our bonfire setups are based on requests from our guests and can be arranged depending on your specifications, during the duration of your stay.

Out Door Sports

Apart from our sports complex, we offer outdoor sports facilities where our guests get to play cricket, tennis, badminton, volleyball, and Kabaddi. Our sprawling grounds ensure that our guests can improvise and involve in several other sports of their choice.

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Beach Access

Easy beach access in ECR Chennai Our guests get access to the world renowned VGP Golden Beach, where they get to pick and choose their spot for their vacationing. Apart from providing great away time from everyday monotony, the beach offers you a great range of activities to relax, explore and indulge in your own mini-adventures.

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Internet Access

Host to one of the leading ISPs in India, our WiFi connections offers you unhindered connectivity to the internet throughout your stay. Enjoy your time at the beach while simultaneously blogging about it or making your friend jealous with a Skype view of the vacation you’re enjoying.

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Depending on your needs, you can access our Wi-Fi either right from your cottage or at the business meetings, discussions or the quiet times that you spend at our lobby and our reception.