October 24, 2017


The eclectic choice in the dining experience and ambience that is enabled by the VGP Golden Beach Resort is one of the many unique features that make customers extend their holidays just to experience the lot before they have had their fill of the perfect holiday resort feel. One of many such experiences enabled at VGP is the “Thatch restaurant”, where dining is more an experience than just a meal. This open air restaurant, in offering a unique combination of a sports bar with table tennis, carom and chess with its serves Multi-Cuisine in the menu to please your palate ensures that you have a breath-taking view to go with your tongue-tickling moments. For the sports aficionado in you, the 8×5 feet screen designed to project choice events will prove to be the icing on the cake and has always resulted in a big draw during several renowned sporting events like the world cup, the champions trophy, the IPL, and several football events like the EPL and the champions league. As a result, the ‘Thatch’ Restaurant has proven to be one of the most acclaimed restaurants amongst the many that one might feast at in the VGP Golden Beach Resort.